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I Challenge You

About two years ago, my life was in utter turmoil. I was purely miserable in my personal life. I was dealing with the aftermath of a break-up that wasn’t a complete break-up because we were still holding on. I hated my job. I was unhappy with my spiritual walk. True, I would smile on the outside, but I was literally dying on the inside. I wasn’t praying daily. I knew that I was going nowhere fast, and I needed God. But how? Was He really going to hear me? Wasn’t he tired of all my shenanigans? I’m on fire one week, and then I find myself going weeks without praying. I had to find some consistency! When I wasn’t spending time with God, I was utterly despondent and was falling deeper into despair. However, I just could not get myself out of my rut. I felt rejected by God, when actually He wasn’t the one who rejected me; I had rejected Him. He was there all along waiting for me to come to Him.

I saw a post on Instagram regarding a journal challenge encouraging people to spending time with God. I was so moved by the post that I knew I had to try it. It was a 30 ay challenge. In my first blog post, I agreed to be 100% honest and transparent with you, so I must admit that I did not complete the whole 30 days. Nonetheless, I made a consistent effort and did journal several days a week. Quickly, I noticed I was spending more time with God. Not only was I spending more time with Him, but I actually began to love that place and long for more time with Him. Now, I am and avid journalist and I love every minute of it! Also, I found that once I started journaling, I found it easier to pray outside of my journal time because I had become so accustomed to talking to God about everything.

Here’s my proposition to you…will you join me in a 30 day journal challenge? You know that you have been saying to yourself, “I need to spend more time with Jesus.” Women say to me all the time, I want to spend time with Jesus, but I just don’t know how, I don’t have the time, or I don’t know how to pray. Well, I’m here to help you overcome those hurdles. Here’s how it works:

  • Grab a notebook or journal;

  • Grab a Bible or use a Bible App on your phone;

  • Find a quiet place where you are comfortable. (I bring my iPod and play worship music because it creates an atmosphere for God’s presence.)

  • I constantly hear people say that they don’t have time to spend with God. My response, “You don’t have time not to spend time with God.” My solution? SCHEDULE IT! Schedule your quiet time with God into your day just like you schedule work and any other events in your life. Try starting with 10 minutes at first, but I guarantee you that once you start you will want more than 10 minutes because God is going to wreck your heart!

  • I usually start my journal entry with the date and time at the top and: “Dear Jesus, My Daddy,” and under that I just let it rip. Literally. I write all my cares, all my problems, my hang-ups, my insecurities. Whatever you can think of, write it down. God wants to hear from you. He wants to know every burden that is plaguing your life so that He can fix it. God is a fixer! He never wants you to be left empty or incomplete. His job is to make you whole!

  • After I have written down all my cares. I grab my Bible, sit there for a second and ask Jesus what scripture He wants me to read. If you wait, He will answer. Give Him time to speak and direct you.

That’s basically all there is to it. Will you join me for the 30 day challenge? I hope you will! Let’s hold each other accountable by posting pictures on social media of our journal time with the hashtag #journalchallenge. Also, post in the comments section below that you are accepting the challenge, so your other sisters in Christ can see that they are not alone! God loves you like crazy. If you honor Him with your time, I promise He will honor you back. He can’t resist a woman who wants to spend time with Him! ♥

Cheers to a Rescued Heart,

Chavon Williams

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